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University Saint Joseph - Macao

February 2014


Dear Catherine,


Thank you for your valuable contribution to our educational mission.
We hope to extend this in the future as I believe it is important for our students to

reach the job market with some knowledge of Etiquette. 


Émilie Tran, Ph.D.


Faculty of Business, Government and Social Work

University of Saint Joseph


October 2013

On behalf of Sopexa and Apéritif à la française,

I would like to thank you for your participation to our great event.

Cheese etiquette was a great success and it participated in

Aperitif a la française success!



Wine and Dine Festival

April 2013


Dear Catherine,


I would like to thank you once again for conducting such nice workshop for our guests, they must enjoy it very much! And also hope that you have enjoyed the class at the crystal lounge too.


Best regards,


Table Manners Agnes B

January 2013


Dear Catherine,


It was a very enjoyable workshop to all our Boutique Managers & myself and we all benefit a lot from your tips. I received very good feedback from our team, especially from those Boutique Managers who will attend the upcoming VIP dinner event in our headquarter next week. Your tips will definitely help them a lot & let them understand how to behave with a proper French table manner from the beginning to the end of the dinner. Also, they found that it is interesting to know some English or American style which they do not realize before. We do agree that we shall be able to take your tips as our habit when we practice more & more. Hope that we will have the chance to have another workshop with you soon.

Thanks & best regards,

Dining Skills Macau Grand Hyatt

June 2012


Dear Catherine,


The course on last Saturday evening was very impressive and helpful. I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to take your class, from which I learned western dinner etiquette in detail and enjoyed the time with you. I like the style you teach us--very vivid and humorous. Most important, your elegance was very charming indeed.

Dear Catherine, hope to meet you again in your new courses in Macao, and please refer to the photo of us, which recalled very good memory on us.


Best Regards,


Dining Skills Macau Grand Hyatt

June 2012

Dear Catherine,

I was delighted to participate at your table manners seminar and I learnt a lot.
Please keep me updated on your upcoming workshops in Macau.
See you soon.



Alliance Française Wine and Cheese Class

January 2013

Dear Catherine,


Dear Catherine, I wanted to send a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your class on Wine and Cheese etiquette at the Alliance Française. Alas, I will not be able to attend the Table Manners class this Friday due to my own work, but hope that you will be offering this class again. Thank you again for your straightforward presentation. I look forward to attending other classes that you may offer.


Warm Regards,


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2010 - present

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